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07. 03. 2021. Lars Göran Petrov

Bands: Entombed, Entombed AD, Nihilist, Comecon, Morbid, Firespawn

Death Metal, Sweden

The Swedish musician and the memorable singer of Entombed died on 7th March 2021. Since the 9th August 2020 Petrov publicly announced he was battling an incurable form of bile duct cancer. The band announced his death on 8th March 2021, he was 49 years old.

04. 01. 2021. Alexi Laiho

Bands: Childrean of Bodom, Sinergy, Impaled Nazarene, Bodom After Midnight

Melodic Death Metal, Finland

He suddenly died in his home, in Finland, after some years of health problems.

02. 05. 2013. Jeff Hanneman


Thresh Metal, USA

He was the Slayer guitarist and founding member of the pioneering thrash metal band, he died of liver failure due to alcohol-related cirrhosis, just over two years after contracting a rare skin tissue disease.

05. 10. 2010. Steve Lee

Band: Gotthard

Glam Rock, Swizerland

He was the singer of the band. He died in a road accident.

27. 08. 2006. Jesse Pintado

Band: Napalm Death, Terrorizer

Grind Metal, UK

He died in a hospital in the Netherlands due to liver failure after a diabetes-induced coma. His death also stemmed from excessive drinking.

16. 08. 2006. Jon Nödtveidt


Black Metal, Sweden

He was a good musician, apart from his wicked experiences. After the split up of Dissection, Nödtveidt committed suicide by a gun shot into his head at his flat in Hasselby, near Stockholm (Sweden).
He was a man who lived his life according to his convictions and True Will as a true Satanist, dark essence that he manifested through his life and black-magical work, he had fulfilled his self-created destiny until he chose to end his life by his own hands, among who apreciate him and whome not. In 1997 he was arrested for about seven years because of he killed an algerian homsexual, in Sweden, and beacuse of the illegal use of weapons: this was a cruel dimension of his life attitudes.

08. 12. 2004. "Dimebag Darrell" pseudonym of Darrell Lance Abbott

Band: Pantera

Glam/ Thrash/ Death Metal, USA

During one show of the promotion tour for the new album in the Alrosa Villa club of Culumbus in Ohio, Dimebag had killed on the stage by several gun shots because of the ex-military Nathan Gale who went up from the back of the stage, he suddenly approached to the musicians they were playing then he fired at point-blank fifteen shots.
The guitarist had struck five times, two of those directly to his head. Together with him had killed three more people and two injured. The shooting ended by the death of the assassin, struck by a policeman intervened on the place.

03. 06. 2004. "Quorthon" pseudonym of Ace Borje Thomas Forsberg

Band: Bathory

Black Metal, Sweden

He died because of infarct.

14. 01. 2004. Terje Bakken

Band: Windir

Black Metal, Finland

He Had found dead by hypothermia on the way back to home from Fagereggi, where his parents live, in Reppastolen nearby Sogndal, his hometown.

16. 03. 2003. Teemu Raimoranta

Bands: Imaled Nazarene, Fintroll

Black Metal, Finland

He committed suicide, after few times, jumping off from a bridge in Helsinky, Finland.

13. 12. 2001. Chuck Schuldiner

Bands: Death

Death Metal, USA

He died beacuse of an incurable cerebral cancer.

08. 04. 1991. "Dead" Per Yngve Ohlin

Bands: Morbid, Mayhem

Black Metal, Norway

He commited suicide because of depressive states of mind.

27. 09. 1986. Cliff Burton

Bands: Metallica

Thrash, USA

He died in an accident occured to the bus of the band touring in Sweden.

08. 12. 1980. John Lennon

Bands: The Beatles

Pop Rock, UK

He had killed by one of his fans, Mark David Chapman, in the evening, in New York, with some gun shots.

19. 02. 1980. Bon Scott

Bands: AC/DC

Rock, Australia

He had found dead in a car in London, he suffocated in his vomit.