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15. 10. 2015.

Marduk - in Rome (Italy)

Black Metal from Sweeden

Marduk didn't play in Rome because of the coach hadn't worked. The band played only in Brescia (Italy).

08. 11. 2014.

Morgoth - in Brescia (Italy)

Death Metal from Germany

Morgoth is a very good death metal band with some '70s rock guitar feelings. The people of the band are frendly guys; good to the drumer he played with Destrution for some years. It was a very good show in Brescia, but with not much audience; moreover, we had a very cool night in a pub near the venue with the band: it was a nice time.

26. 06. 2012.

MALEVOLENT CREATION - in Voghera (italy)

Death Metal from USA

It was an intense and addictive concert in a brief promotion managing of 5 days before the show. The audience was about few people, but the show had took place: the singer was tireless and powerful, the drummer was harder than a rock, the guitarist and the bass player were powerful and sharp as well too.